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Some of the best salmon fishing
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 Stillwater salmon fly fishing in England


Updated 18/07/14
We paid a visit to Waddington Airshow last week. Arriving very early, I managed to get a parking spot for the van near the runway. From the van roof I got these 2 pictures of the Vulcan XH558, which may have paid it's last visit to Waddo, as the hours are running out on her engines.
On the left of the top photo you can see an F16 ready to move onto the runway. The lower photo has the Red Arrows in the background with XH558 coming in to land.

30/06/14 While things are quiet at the lake I have time to upgrade the salmon rearing systems. I'm installing pipe pumps, which use a propeller instead of an impeller. They can pump an enormous amount of water at a low head very efficiently. This one uses a kilowatt of electricity but can pump 150 cu m or 30,000 gallons an hour at a 1 metre head. They cost the best part of £1000 but save that in power costs in a year or so. One excellent advantage is that they create a strong flow of water for the salmon to swim against, resulting in a stronger, harder fighting fish.

26/05/14 Caught in my rabbit trap here is a roaming tom cat. He is a bit of a bully so it was good to take him down a peg or two. Moments later he rammed straight through access latch on the left and bolted off into the distance with nothing more than a bruised ego, saving me getting scratched in the process of releasing him.

10/05/14 The camera on my phone couldn't quite focus on these fry swimming by the window of one of the hatchery tanks.These aren't the salmon for the lake, those are slected larger so they can be stocked at 8-10lbs in two years time.

02/05/14 I saw something splashing in the brook, and on investigation it turned out to be this large eel, a wild guess would be 5lb+. It made it's way downstream, hopefully to reach the Sargasso Sea.

27/04/14 There are a few doubles coming out all the time but I don't always get a chance to photograph them. In this case, Graham Tuck from Lingfield, Surrey gave me this picture of the twelve pounder he caught on his last visit.

30/03/14 Below is a map of where our anglers live by postcode, hope it is clear enough to see. We don't have a postcode for a lot of anglers but you can see how far people travel to fish here. You can draw your own inferences, such as there are a lot more anglers from Kent than from Birmingham.

10/03/14 The weather was so good yesterday that I took the opportunity to begin lake maintenance. I added some powdered chalk and nearly got right round the lake weed-cutting. That's only a third of the job though, as the weed needs collecting in piles on the bank to dry, then removed from the bankside. The water is looking very good indeed.

01/03/14 The new phone is in working order and I tested the camera out on this particullarly bright rainbow seen from the lake this week.

19/02/14 Mike Green from Northants has sent me these very impressive photos. Top is his 40lb 8oz pike caught on a FLY! which was the Chew Valley record for a while. Middle is his best tarpon and bottom is a large one caught by another angler on the same trip. Careful if you start bragging about the big fish you have caught, if he is sharing a beer with you at the same table!

02/02/14 My mate from college, Kevin, whose hobby is astronomy, has sent me this picture of Jupiter with accompanying moons.

19/01/14 I'm getting some very kind feedback from anglers these days, it makes all the work worthwhile. They send pictures too. From the top, Malcolm Reece biggest 12lb, Brian Clark (10lb 2oz) and the salmon caught by Jude Tuffs.

13/01/14 Carol and I want on a trip to the Natural History Museum at Tring last week and one comes away with a wonder at the amazing diversity of life on this planet. I took this photo of the salmon  exhibit. The silver fish is meant to be a grilse but it looks the wrong shape to me. Having said that salmon do get very fat at their feeding grounds.

Mark Corps and Andrew Stannistreet are two of my most early anglers who fished the fishery on 30/12/08, soon after we opened. Fast forward to 27/12/13,  and Mark unknowingly took a picture from almost the same spot as I had done  five years previously. You have to look hard to tell which is which, as Andrew hasn't changed a bit. A lot of water has flowed under that bridge while I've learnt how to do this job properly. Below is them with  their catch last week, with Mark's dad, Barry, on the right.

31/12/13 This is my son, Matthew, setting out on his first solo journey after passing his driving test. Like all parents I looked on with trepidation, hoping he will come back safe, but you can't keep them wrapped up in cotton wool.

11/12/13 A Discovery got stuck on the 4x4 course, it couldn't go forwards or backwards.

01/12/13 Across the valley from my house is Grimsthorpe Park which looked resplendent in autumn colours. The entrance to the park near our village, and hence the length of their back garden, is FOUR miles from the castle.

04/11/13 This is how much rain we've had here in the last few weeks. That will teach me to keep the boat upside down in future.

14/10/13 This salmon fishing project isn't all about producing the biggest fattest salmon. Occasionally I see a salmon which facsinates me for it's shape or condition. Look at this salmon in the middle of the picture. I see a lot of salmon and I would have been proud to catch that myself.

11/09/13 It's ok when that cat's asleep but you have to keep your eye out when she is prowling, turn your back for a moment and your prize catch will be gone.

18/07/13 When I come back to earth in the next life I hope it will be as a cat and spend my days sleeping in the shade of the plant pots.

10/07/13 Carol and I went to the Waddington Air Show last Saturday. Red Arrows, BOB Memorial Flight, Vulcan Bomber plus many others all flew in a clear blue sky. Here are 2 pictures of bombers past and future.

03/06/13 A friend from Scotland has sent me these 2 photos of an adventurous retired couple who travel the world and write up their exploits in Landrover Magazine. He towed them across Loch Broom to continue their exploits and you can just see them as 2 small dots on the left of the lower picture dwarfed by a Greman cruise ship in Ullapool harbour. 
30/03/13 Andy Johns from Devon sent me these photos of his father, Tony holding the biggest fish of last Wednesday at 17lb, which was tempted by a long woolly worm 'fly'. By lunchtime Tony had caught 3 salmon and Andy none, but the afternoon saw a complete reversal and they ended up with 3 each.

14/03/13 It's interesting how our minds work. We are normally quite placid and gentle creatures but under certain circumstances will turn to viscious killers under certain circumstances. I confess this has happened to me with the moles around the lake, enough is enough and after a lesson from an angler, Chris Mills from Stafford, I rejoiced in my first extermination of  the enemy!

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