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Some of the best salmon fishing

  Stillwater salmon fly fishing in England
Important announcement. This page is now obsolete, up to date information and news at our new website. stillwatersalmon.com



 1. Anglers must sign the visitor's book. Only anglers who have signed in and paid for a ticket are allowed to cross the brook and fish. One ticket allows an angler to catch a maximum of 7 salmon, then fishing must stop.

2. Generaly the first four salmon may be retained on each day ticket by each angler, then another three can be caught and released.  Full fishery with 8 rods keep 3 & release 3. The largest caught is counted as the angler's own salmon. Fisherman should have a large priest to despatch fish humanely.

3. Fish caught and not retained are to be released with minimum of stress. This means the salmon to be released must be unhooked in the landing net, or better in the side of the lake without landing net, and NOT LEAVE THE WATER FOR ANY REASON before being released as soon as possible. Only dead salmon can be weighed and photographed.

4.ALL DAMAGED, BLEEDING, POORLY OR THIN SALMON MUST BE KILLED and surrendered to the fishery official and do not count as retained salmon. Please remove any dead or distressed fish if they can be netted. 

5. Single fly with barbless hook on a line of MINIMUM 15LB BREAKING STRAIN is the only method of fishing allowed. Anglers should expect to have their tackle inspected.

6. Anglers must stay on the grass and not enter the water. It should be noted that the banks are steep and descend straight down to deep water. Anglers should bring and wear safety glasses and buoyancy aids if necessary.

7. Polite consideration for other fishermen must be made. This includes no pets, loud mobile phones, radios, litter, cigarette ends etc.  No angler may catch MORE THAN 2 SALMON FROM ONE PLACE AT ONE TIME.

8. For safety reasons no other person is allowed to venture beyond the car park/pavillion area.

 9. Please behave in a GENTLEMANLY FASHION. The right to refuse admission is reserved. Persistent rule breakers will be banned from the fishery. Please report any disruptive or antisocial behaviour to the fishery official. The CCTV can be reviewed and appropriate action taken.

10. Fishing times 9am-4pm winter and 9am-5pm summer. Do not fish outside these times, other anglers may have to travel long distances to start and finish at the correct time.

TIPS. The best method is to fish deep and very slow with a long tailed trout lure, you can try a very fast strip as an alternative. At the end of the retrieve bring your fly up slowly until you are sure no fish is following it in, keep a low profile as the salmon are very wary. DO NOT STRIKE, .HOWEVER the latest thinking is that to lift firmly might be the best technique. If you feel a  pluck or even if you see a fish take your fly just let it turn and lift the rod slowly and firmly. Don't fish the same way all day, especially with a simple trout retrieve. Nothing can happen for long periods then the salmon can come on to take. Persistent and inventive anglers are rewarded. The way you fish is more important than the fly you use. The salmon will find out any weakness in your tackle. Check your leader loop, leader (change regularly), knots, hook quality, backing and it's attachment. I've seen anglers with long faces because they lost a 25 pounder through all of these reasons!



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